Colombian Traveling, Safety and Cultural Cities

Colombian travelling is secure for U.S. Citizens as long as they understand what they may be doing. It is genuine that visiting to Colombia can be risky, however I query whether or not that is extra so for American Citizens. Many argue that it is. The fundamental purpose for that is because typically Americans carry U.S. Dollars, a well paid forex in Colombian pesos Cali Air.

The economic element will usually be a strong one. However, this will be true despite the fact that we’re talking about journeying to Europe or another region within the global outside the continental U.S. U.S. Citizens which might be interested in performing some Colombian touring commonly ask me if they’re a goal now not due to the bucks however because of political motives, in the end Colombia’s battle with guerrillas and paramilitary companies are relatively advertised.

However, the incidence of kidnappings in Colombia of U.S. Citizen may be very low. This is especially due to the fact there are secure locations for Americans to visit. Colombia’s big towns (Bogota, Medellin, Cali, Barranquilla, Santa Marta, Cartagena, Pereira, Ibague, Manizales, and so on.) are cities with improved protection. Much of the military is stationed here, making those towns a terrific destination.

There are different localities not too far from Bogota that allow a incredible safe cultural visit. One of them is the locality (small metropolis) of Mariquita, in the department of Tolima. Mariquita is about three hours north of Bogota. The motorway is secure as it is extraordinarily guarded with the aid of the Colombian navy. This road is one of the fundamental for Colombian trade so it’s miles stored open.

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