Digital Piracy: 53 Billion Visits a Year to Suspect Websites

A examine record launched through the U.S.Chamber of Commerce states that there are websites that allow human beings to download or promote pirated copies of digital goods from reasonably-priced internet web hosting torrent web sites and others (movies, song and software program and many others.) get 146 million hits ordinary or fifty three billion visits a year. The U.S Chamber of Commerce conducted the examine with the help of logo watch and protection firm MarkMonitor Creditcards.

Though the have a look at isn’t clear in absolute terms how many visits had been criminal and how many were unlawful, but claims that the massive site visitors has given upward thrust to the suspicion that each one couldn’t be fair in the hits and lots of them can be unlawful. Counterfeit prescription drugs get 51 million hits and counterfeit physical goods get 87 million hits in a year. The big numbers – 146 million hits consistent with day to forty three web sites is a motive for situation, reports the take a look at.

It is certainly unfair if the websites studied are really indulging in piracy as lots put in hard work and their innovative abilties in making the movies and digital music. Steve Tepp, senior director of Internet counterfeiting and piracy for the Global Intellectual Property Center at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is of the opinion that, “Whether it’s far the sale of counterfeit luggage and fake prescribed drugs or illegal distribution of movies, tune, and software, on-line IP robbery is theft-simple and simple.”

However, many strongly sense that the take a look at is beside the point. It does not establish concretely which net website hosting web sites allow illegal down load or sales and how many every day. Some of the web sites named as rogue web sites with the aid of the document, which include RapidShare, have cleared their names after fighting numerous cases of copyright infringement allegations. And the high site visitors figures could imply not anything because the variety of on-line users is increasing everyday and the sale of digital albums had been up in 2010.

The document seems to be calling for the enactment of the arguable Combating Online Infringement & Counterfeits Act (COICA). This act would permit the authorities to crack down on pirate websites. But allegation made by means of the document lacks credibility as it is merely speculative with out concrete proof.

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